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PackageDump v4.0

What packages do you depend on?

A Package Governance and Tracking tool - allowing you to Analyze, Track, Restrict and Report on License, Package, and Version usage for NuGet and NPM packages.

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License and Package Restrictions

Fail your builds when a restricted Package, Package Version, or License is encountered. Managing these Package and License Restrictions through easy to configure profiles.

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Flexible Tracking and Reporting

Comprehensive reports (Console, XML, JSON, HTML, or custom CSHTML) track Package and Version usage, License usage, as well as Package and License violations.

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Fully Independent

PackageDump was designed to run outside of any public or private Package Management system, integrate into your CI pipeline or run PackageDump locally. Start analyzing and tracking licenses, packages, and versions in minutes.

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PackageDump v4.0

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License Attributes

License analysis now includes attributes about package licenses, e.g. Commercial Use Allowed, Distribution Allowed, etc.

HTML Report License Improvements

The HTML Report was updated to summarize the license attributes found for all analyzed packages.

And more...

All reports now contain license attributes

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VersionDump v1.0.0 Beta - coming soon!

Don't worry about the SemVer rules, we'll figure it out for you.

Simple and flexible SemVer version number management.

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Stable Versioning

> semver --increment=minor

> 1.21.0

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Pre-release Versioning

> semver --increment=prerelease
> 1.20.31-beta.003

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Metadata too...

> semver --increment=minor

> 1.21.0+ci.20170901.sha12345

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