What is PackageDump?

PackageDump is a Package Governance and Tracking tool - allowing you to Analyze, Track, Restrict and Report on License, Package, and Version usage for NuGet and NPM packages.

Run locally or integrate into your CI pipeline, regardless of how your packages are hosted (public, private or file system), you can analyze packages, versions, dependencies, license Url's - failing and/or reporting on restrictions when encountered.

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Flexibility in Reporting

PackageDump can be configured to generate a number of different types of reports, giving you the flexibility to consume the data as needed.

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Simple console based reporting.

Basic Version

Custom Reports

Create any (html, csv, etc) custom report you need using ASP.NET Razor.

Pro Version


Our comprehensive HTML output, which builds upon the JSON output.

Pro Version


Basic HTML report, JSON or XML formatted reports.

Basic Version

The HTML Report

HTML Report - Dashboard

Comprehensive Html Report

The HTML Report dashboard provides a quick overview, including unique license information, number of packages and count of violations.

HTML Report - Projects

Project Details

Packages by project, with violations highlighted.

HTML Report - Packages

Package Details

View version information, license details, license analysis and violations.

HTML Report - Hierarchy

Dependency Hierarchy

The package dependency hierarchy, with violations highlighted.

Protection through Governance

Configure PackageDump to protect yourself from undesirable packages using simple JSON based governance filter files.

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Inclusive or Exclusive governance filters

Choose to either provide inclusive or exclusive lists of filters.

Basic Version

Filter by

Package Id, License Type or Version Pro Version.

Basic Version

Supports RegEx

Create filter expressions using Regular Expressions.

Basic Version

License Analysis

Analyze the license URL of each package against a set of known licenses.

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Analyze Against Known Types.

MIT, Apache, GPL, MSPL, and many more.

Pro Version

Match Certainty in Reports

The best license match percentage included in all reports.

Pro Version

Build Integration

Integrate with any Build System that supports command line integration.

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