Download PackageDump

PackageDump can be installed with NuGet or download the zip below, but don't forget to get a license key first (even for the Basic and Trial versions).

Download via NuGet

> nuget install BluePasserine.PackageDump -Version 4.0.0


Directly Download

Download now!

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 / Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • 2.4Ghz CPU, 2 GB Ram, 100MB disk space

Release Notes


PackageDump v4.0
  • Feature PackageDump exe renamed to PackageDump.Cli to prepare for changes coming in v5.
  • Feature License analysis now includes attributes about each license type.
  • Feature HTML report updated to include a report of license attributes.
  • Feature All reports updated to include license attributes.
  • Fixed Dependency depth argument was not set properly in all cases.
  • Fixed Improved error handling in NuGet and NPM package resolution processing.


PackageDump v3.1
  • Feature New Basic HTML Report available in the Basic version.
  • Feature Increased the number of licenses included during License Analysis.
  • Feature Included a CSV example Template.
  • Feature XML and JSON reports are now available in the Basic version.


PackageDump v3.0
  • Feature Restructured output reports to support the concept or Projects.
  • Feature Updated the HTML report to support Projects, including a new tab for this information.
  • Feature Replaced the HTML report dependencies tab with a new Package Hierarchy tab.
  • Feature Added ability for PackageDump to locate packages.config and package.json files in any nested directory structure.
  • Feature New "All" commmand, to support locating both NPM and NuGet package files in a single run.
  • Feature Improved helptext with examples.
  • Feature A new --ignore-directories command was added to use when locating package files within directories.
  • Feature Timing information is now shown in the console output.
  • Feature Template reporter added, which allows custom reports to be written using cshtml files


PackageDump v2.1
  • Feature When using --source-type=Config for NuGet and NPM, the --source-config path can be left off to load config files from the default location.
  • Feature Over 15 new license types added for License Analysis.
  • Feature Improved license matching for GitHub hosted licenses.
  • Fixed License Analysis performance improvements.
  • Fixed License Analysis matching accuracy improvements.
  • Fixed Logging readability improvements.


PackageDump v2.0
  • Feature Added support for the standard NuGet.config file to read feed details, including credentials.
  • Fixed File based NuGet repositories are now supported when using NuGet.config for feed details.
  • Feature Added support for the standard NPM .npmrc config file to read repository details.
  • Feature --license-analysis argument added, to support reading license URL contents and analyzing the content against known license types.
  • Feature --dependency-depth=<int> argument added, to determine how deep to recurse when locating dependent packages.
  • Feature Enhanced all reports to include a license certainty percentage when performing license analysis.


  • Feature Improved logging around NuGet package location and improved log readability.
  • Feature Adding support for json based file (for feeds/registries) instead of passing on the command line (
  • Feature Supporting multiple NPM sources and Basic Authorization
  • Feature Added license re-validation option to deal with license related issues (force a revalidation against the BluePasserine License system)
  • Fixed Pre-release packages containing version ranges will now be found for exact matches, which were previously not matched.
  • Fixed NuGet Authorization now supports "Authorization" header for Base64 user:password authorization and "x-nuget-apikey" header for Guid based authorization (


Logging Improvements
  • Fixed Packages that cannot be found, no longer break the Console Reporter.
  • Fixed --package-path will now be relative to the --base-dir value if not already fully qualified.
  • Fixed Better unhandled exception logging.
  • Feature A standard help summary message is now displayed, including the command line arguments that were passed and current application version.
  • Feature Improved logging.
  • Fixed Default logger is now Console.


Command line option improvements.
  • Feature Command line --root-package and --package-path are now both optional.


The initial release of PackageDump with support for NPM and NuGet.